Bvlgari jewelry brand profile

In 1881, Sorio Bvlgari founded the Bvlgari brand in Italy. The founder’s family originated in Greece and was influenced by the classic Greek tradition. Bvlgari jewelry replica embodies the Greek and Italian classical style, each jewelry has been carefully crafted by designers and craftsmen.

Bvlgari’s product style is bold and unique and distinguished classical, its theme products are jewelry, watches, perfume, glasses and handbags.

Bvlgari B.zero1 ring series features a variety of valuable platinum and precious stones use, from the artificial platinum and gold, colored convex round gem, heart-shaped stones, to the dense round cut diamonds are drawn in the list. Fake Bvlgari B.zero1 ring on the side of the ring “BVLGARI” words, and the ring design novel, very fashion sense.

Lucea ladies watch is the latest creation of Bvlgari, showing the unique qualities of oriental women mature. Lucea watch with a modern design, is a Lucea series of fake Bvlgari jewelry table, strap buckle can be adjusted, the surface and the table with diamonds. Its lines are soft, and just in line with the Oriental woman’s wrist curve, regardless of Oriental women on weekdays or banquet can wear.

Bulgari-Bulgari ring cheap in rose gold

Bulgari-Bulgari ring cheap in rose gold

Aqva Pour Homme is a Bvlgari male perfume, very fresh and moving, this fragrance to the fresh ocean tune the main tune, emitting a fresh and pure natural aroma. It is the first flavor of orange leaves, juice and essential oils of mandarin orange, the taste of the fruit horns, cotton and orange and orange elements, and then taste amber wood.

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