Bvlgari serpenti jewelry charm

Serpenti series is Bvlgari jewelry replica the representative works, is the classic high-level jewelry.

From the Bvlgari jewelry but began, Serpenti series as a classic brand. It includes fake Bvlgari Serpenti necklace, replica Bvlgari Serpenti bracelet, cheap Bvlgari Serpenti ring, Bvlgari Serpenti brooch and so on.

Bvlgari Serpenti jewelry replica in the past for more complete snake design, 2016 Bvlgari to snake head as the main design to create Serpenti Eyes on Me jewelry series, and design focus on the snake eyes, bringing a new charm of beauty .

Serpenti Eyes on Me series to snake eyes compared to a woman’s charm, snake head shape or sharp or round, flat when the three-dimensional, sometimes minimalist, and sometimes pavĂ© Diamonds, but the same is in the snake’s eye inlaid dazzling colored gemstones: ruby, emerald, malachite, amethyst, etc., beautiful gem as everyone’s iris as unique, on behalf of each woman’s unique charm, One portrait.

bvlgari serpenti ring in rose gold

bvlgari serpenti ring in rose gold

Such a new replica Bvlgari jewelry can always give jewelry lovers a different experience. Bvlgari Serpenti Eyes on Me series is no longer a complete snake-like appearance, but the focus of the prominent eyes.

Therefore, each of a new fake Bvlgari Serpenti jewelry will be more eye-catching, so that the wearer gathered in the spotlight, a focus of the party.

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