Zircon Cartier love ring true story

Parents are thinking that their children can find rich people get married, the following for everyone to tell a true story, this story takes place in a small city.

Reiko to the age of marriage, mother has been hope that Reiko can marry a rich man,don’t worry life and food, do not worry about being hungry. Reiko told his mother, although the DongCheng has neither house nor money, but he can give me happiness.

“Do not food life will be happy?” Mother asked Reiko.

cartier love ring

cartier love ring

That year, Dongcheng went to Shanghai. He said that there is no ready-made food in the world, but he will never let Reiko follow him suffer. Before leaving, he gave Reiko a fake Cartier love ring, zircon to do the Cartier love ring.

“Are you willing to wait for a poor boy who can only afford zircon the Cartier love ring?” He looked at Reiko and said, “I will never come back to see you without making a rich.”

“Reiko said,” even if you still have nothing. “Reiko put the cheap Cartier love ring on the left hand ring finger, wipe every day, it is Reiko heart sacred and priceless love.

Shanghai has a lot and Dongcheng like the dream of the stranger, Reiko can imagine how the life of the East Side is likely to eat every day, but also live a bad life, but the East is always in the letter to write their own well.

cartier love ring

cartier love ring

Reiko find a part-time, go out to work at night to earn some money. Reiko can not share anything for him, but Reiko can work with him.

Mid-Autumn Festival that day, the rain was great. Reiko to the Dongcheng Side hung a phone call, Reiko said she wanted him, he said the work is too busy can not come back to the holidays.

Reiko rain ride home, on the road due to heavy rain, a red light running the car quickly turned over to Reiko, Reiko was knocked down in the ground lost consciousness.

Marble Cartier love ring replica lost. After the discharge of Reiko to find many times, but did not find. Reiko was too sad to myself: I actually lost me and the Dongcheng City of love keepsake.

All this, Reiko did not tell the Dongcheng Side. This year’s Spring Festival, he did not come back. Reiko looked at the sky fireworks, can not help but shed tears of rain. Fireworks and then beautiful, it is only the moment of existence, do love, such as fireworks, the moment Fanghua?

cartier love ring

cartier love ring

Reiko sent a letter to the Dongcheng, the letter only fourteen words: break up, I have no confidence and then go on.

Reiko resigned, working in a remote town, began to live a life without dispute. But sometimes suddenly awakened from the nightmare, will inevitably think of him, like Reiko’s Dongcheng Side, Reiko’s heart will be like a knife-like pain. How is he like, married? Hate me, he still loves me?

Answer Reiko’s only night silence.

Winter, here a hundred years under a rare snow. Reiko sat at the table, the table stood a Reiko was received letter, is written in the Dongcheng. Looking at the familiar handwriting, Reiko did not know what to say should be good. The following are the same as the ”

He said he had bought the house, the bride was missing. He said there are many women want to marry him, but he wants to marry forever only one.

Reiko in the lonely little house burst into tears, the sky outside the snowflakes flying, no one can know Reiko that moment of inner pain.

Reiko how to tell the Dongcheng Side: In fact, Reiko is how to love him, Reiko is how reluctant to leave him.

cartier love ring

cartier love ring

Reiko works in a small town on a civil welfare factory. Every day mechanical life, calm and indifferent, so that Reiko can not see a little life of the waves.

In addition, Reiko can no longer wear any replica Cartier ring. Had wiped the love of the Cartier love ring has become a painful memories, because in the Mid-Autumn Festival Reiko to the Dongcheng City, the rain that day, in that car accident, Reiko lost his hands, Reiko no chance to wear any ring, even if Just silver.

This touching story describes the family, everything depends on their own efforts to succeed, but there will be a lot of frustration in the middle, the success of the cause of the Dongcheng, but the broken love, so I just want to tell you a lot of things can not understand two People can take care of, there will be a lot of factors in the middle of their own.